CMOP Curriculum Evaluation


Bristol Medical School has embarked on a radical curriculum revamp, moving away from its traditional ‘MB16’ curriculum into case-based learning. The new ‘MB21’ curriculum includes an 18-week clerkship in 4th year called ‘Complex Medicine in Older People’, which is a marked departure from the previous 4-week unit typical of other institutions in the UK.

This shift in both method and duration of teaching affords an opportunity to robustly evaluate undergraduate education in geriatrics. Using mixed-methods, we will compare short- and long-term outcomes between the 2 curricula (MB16 vs MB21) and across the 18 weeks of CMOP (pre- and post-CMOP), including:

  • Attitudes towards older people (using the Ageing Semantic Differential)
  • Empathy (using the Jefferson Scale for Empathy)
  • Career intentions and progression

You can read more about the curriculum in our recent publication ‘Transforming undergraduate education in geriatric medicine: an innovative curriculum at Bristol Medical School’